About Me

a timeline!


PhD student

University of Edinburgh

Sep 2019 – Jul 2023 Edinburgh

PhD student in the Pedersen Group studying the ecology of infectious diseases in wild mice. My current research is focused on how heterogeneity in resource availability affects space use, contact networks, and parasite transmission in wild mice, using a combination of field experiments and statistical and epidemiological methods.

Current responsibilities include:

  • Extensive field trapping (non-lethal capture-mark-release) of wild mice
  • Biologging, network modelling and social network analysis of wild mice contact structure
  • Statistical modelling of parasite transmission

and lots more!

See my current field work for more information about my current experiments or my CV for a more complete picture of my background!


Research Assistant

Cardiff University

Oct 2018 – Apr 2019 Cardiff, UK
Dissertation research project with Dr. Jo Lello on the effect of endemic co-infection on disease transmission of epidemic parasites.

Research Intern

Odum School of Ecology, University of Georgia

Sep 2017 – Aug 2018 Athens, GA, USA
Research Intern with Professor Vanessa Ezenwa and Dr. Léa Briard researching the effects of anthelmintic treatment on non-target parasites in wild rodents and assisting on a project on the causal relationship between personality and parasitism in wild rodents.

Research Assistant

Cardiff University

Jul 2017 – Aug 2017 Cardiff, UK
Awarded a Cardiff CUROP grant to work as a summer student research assistant, working on “Investigating the effect of temperature on the in vitro growth rate of the oomycete Saprolegnia parasitica”.

Undergraduate student

Cardiff University

Sep 2015 – Jun 2019 Cardiff, UK
BSc. (Hons) Ecology with a Placement Year (First Class), specialising in Infection Biology and Epidemiology, Systems Biology and Modelling, Global Change Biology, Population Ecology, and Molecular Ecology.