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  • The effects of anthelmintic treatment on non-target parasites in wild rodents

Working in the Ezenwa Lab as a research intern, my current project is looking at the effects of removing nematodes in hispid cotton rats on other parasites. As part of this, I’m doing a lot of field work and handling of cotton rats, and administering anthelmintic treatments via gavage, collecting faecal samples and then processing and reading these faecal samples to assess parasite intensities.

  • The causal relationship between personality and parasites in wild rodents

I’m also working as a field assistant on a concurrent project looking at the effects of parasites on cotton rat personality. This involves trapping and handling cotton rats and administering behavioural assays as well as administering anthelmintic treatments via gavage and collecting blood samples.


  • Investigating the effect of temperature on the in vitro growth rate of the oomycete Saprolegnia parasitica

Working as a summer research student in the CRIPES Lab at Cardiff University, I focused on samples from Welsh salmonid species and worked with Salmon and Brown Trout. ImageJ used for automatic and manual image processing of fungal growth rates and R for data analysis. Wrote macros for automatic image analysis and used R/Tidyverse for data processing and analysis.